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To ensure you get the right product to fit your needs, we gain a thorough understanding of your business operations and pinpoint potential risks that could pose a threat to your assets or overall business. We get the right product by actively engaging with insurers on your behalf so that you don’t have to.

Our approach involves a comprehensive review of both known risks covered by your existing policies and emerging risks that may come up in the future. Identifying these risks is just the beginning; we go a step further by offering valuable insights on how to effectively mitigate them, minimising their potential effects and impacts.

Once the risks are assessed, we guide you through the available insurance options, considering factors like coverage levels and excesses. This process will provide you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about the insurance products that best align with your specific needs and circumstances.

Our Products

Insurance products for every facet of business

Property and Business Income Insurance
Policies such as Business Package Insurance or complex Industrial Special Risks designed to protect your Assets and your Gross Profit Income.
Public and Products Liability Insurance/Product Recall
Policies to protect you or your business from law suits for injury or property damage and other expenses. Specialist Policies also available for Transport/Warehousing Liability, Pollution/Environmental Liability, Product Recall, Marina Liability and others.
Professional Indemnity IT Liability, Medical Malpractice Insurance
Your organisation may provide a professional service/advice, recommendations or designs, or treatment, which your clients rely on or utilise. If there is a error made this could lead to a lawsuit. These policies will defend your reputation and if you are liable, will cover the adverse effects an error may have caused.
Directors & Officers Liability
Management have responsibilities around laws such as Occupational Health and Safety, Employment Law, Company Legislation, Privacy Law, as well as being held personally accountable to Shareholders and Creditors. All these outside parties can bring investigations and lawsuits which can be covered.
Cargo & Marine/Aviation Hull Insurance
Marine cargo Insurance Covers loss or damage to, or rejection of; raw materials or finished goods, perishables, livestock or other assets whilst in transit by road rail sea or air. Marine/Aviation Hull Insurance Covers your commercial or personal use Watercraft/ Aircraft against loss or damage.
Construction, Contractors / Trades Insurance
Insurance cover for assets and materials under construction installation or renovation including Liability cover on site. Separate policies available for contractors.
Car, Truck, Mobile Plant, & Fleet Insurance
Insurance for all registered and non registered vehicles and plant including hired in or hired out. For Fleets – Aggregate Excess, Claims Experience Discounts.
Travel Insurance, Home & Contents Insurance
Insurance for when you are travelling for business or pleasure, or both, covering overseas medical costs, evacuation, luggage and other risks. Home & Contents Insurance – Cover for your personal Residence, Holiday home, Contents & Furnishings, Jewellery, Valuable Artwork, Wine or other collections
Cyber Insurance
Cyber Event (Liability) Insurance provides cover when; company information (including client/supplier information) is inadvertently lost and becomes available in the public domain or stolen by Cyber hacker criminals. Cover also includes situations where malicious software holds your systems to ransom, or e-business transactions have been affected by your website being hacked.

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The thought of something going wrong in our life or business is something we all definitely want to do without. Worse still we dont want to spend the time look at insurance details because thats spending more time thinking about the negative rather than the positive things in life. At ADC Insurance we are happy to be delegated this task and make sure that you have the right insurance to take you away from risk and move you towards certainty.

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