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We support every facet of insurance

We will ensure that you have a suitable insurance programme or insurance policy which will meet your expectations if and when you have to use your insurance. Every business is unique and has its own inherent risks. Often insurers will find you too hard or you may not fit the insurance product they are offering. We will communicate your risk profile and your goals so they will understand, giving you more certainty.
Reviewing insurers & policy wordings
It’s not always about price- All policies differ on coverage definitions exclusions and conditions and in some instances warranties that they may impose. Claims handling service of insurers should also be considered. We will evaluate where necessary so you can make an informed decision.
Claims handling
As your Broker we act on behalf of you not the insurance company. We will deal with the Insurer and help you through the claims process saving you time so you can focus on other things which are a priority to you.
Ongoing Contact Service
It’s important that we stay in contact with you to make sure that any changes in your business or assets throughout the year are disclosed and reflected in your insurance. We will develop a service plan around your needs and any potential future changes so we do keep in contact .

Business Risk Reviews

We will review the traditional policies and risks that you are aware of, as well as highlight any new risks that you may be exposed to (for example: Occupational Health and Safety, New Privacy Laws or Fair Work Australia legislation). Once identified we will help you asses and provide advice on how to best mitigate these risks so the effects and impacts are minimal. From here we will advise you on the available insurance options such as coverage levels and excesses. Below is the process we take you through:

Cyber Hacking

Define the risk

Business Impact



Not likely
Almost Certain

Risk Ranking


Mitigation Taken



Don’t have
Limited & inadequate
Currently adequate
Better cover needed

Why choose us?

Moving you toward certainty

The thought of something going wrong in our life or business is something we all definitely want to do without. Worse still we dont want to spend the time look at insurance details because thats spending more time thinking about the negative rather than the positive things in life. At ADC Insurance we are happy to be delegated this task and make sure that you have the right insurance to take you away from risk and move you towards certainty.

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