No Hair,

Don’t Care!

Made for bald men

Designed and made specifically for men with no hair, Dome provides the right solution to care for exposed scalps.

Dome is exclusively for all those proud men with bald heads, AND for those not so proud men with bald heads.


Shampoo is made to wash hair
Soap will dry out the scalp
Body Wash is made for the body

Dome is perfect for bald heads.

About our Product Range

We know that your scalp is sensitive skin and needs to be treated as such.  We designed Dome with this in mind.    Dome will care for your scalp and provide extra moisturising to keep that sensitive skin soft and supple.

No Hair,
Don’t Care!

  • Dome Scalp Cleanser 300ml

    Dome Scalp Cleanser is Australian made and formulated to wash away all those daily environmental impurities/toxins that dull those very special chrome domes.

    • Gently cleanses sensitive scalp skin
    • Moisturises
    • Nourishes at the same time
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  • Dome Hydration Balm

    Dome Hydration Balm is the ‘crowning glory’ for those much loved bald heads. Australian Made and formulated specifically for sensitive scalps, this amazing moisturiser will:

    • Hydrate
    • Soften
    • Scalp will feel fresher
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