We’re about putting our clients’ best interests first

Our aim is to provide you real steps toward financial freedom and independence.

We’re about putting our clients’ best interests first

Our aim is to provide you real steps toward financial freedom and independence.

About us

McAllister Private Wealth was established because we wanted to do something special. We saw the need to provide comprehensive financial advice in a co-ordinated way to a select group of individuals and families. Our approach has always been about putting our clients’ best interests first, helping them take real steps toward financial freedom and independence. We work with busy professionals, the self-employed and retirees enjoying themselves. 

To turn this vision into a reality we created a structured framework. It starts with understanding our clients’ unique situation and providing strategic guidance. From there, we carefully assess product-based solutions that are tailored to serve our clients’ interests effectively. Our focus is to help clients make the most of their financial journey and achieve those goals that are important to them.

Our commitment to you

McAllister Private Wealth provides comprehensive, straightforward financial advice that makes a substantial difference to our clients’ lives. 

  • We know what is important to you and what you value in the relationship.  
  • What’s important to you is important to us.
  • We give you confidence that the right financial decisions are being made.
  • We take what seems complex and involved and make it straightforward to understand.
  • We keep you up to date with financial information that is relevant to you so that you know we are doing everything to keep you on your best financial path.
  • We genuinely want you to succeed.
  • We also encourage you to consider financial aspects that may have been overlooked but are worth addressing.

Commitment to excellence

We are a privately owned business. We’re not tied to any bank or company pushing products. We hold our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). It’s all about us doing what’s best for you, plain and simple.

We’re not limited in the products we can suggest, and we’ve got the freedom to recommend whatever product we believe is genuinely in your best interests.

We do not have ownership ties or revenue sharing arrangements with any external businesses so when we point you to other services, it’s solely because we think they’ll benefit you.

We are all educated in personal financial advice, with a cross section of us holding the Certified Financial Planning designation and the CPA Australia qualification. 

We work hard and commit to providing you with the highest standards of expertise and guidance.

We have strict ethical standards that we stick to, and we always put your interests first. It’s not just about finding decent investments; it’s about making sure everything we do is in your best interest.

McAllister Private Wealth continues to grow alongside our valued clients, and we’re excited to keep this amazing journey going for many more years.

Create a plan to keep you on your best possible financial path.