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Do pilates to keep you fit, lean and conditioned for sport and activities

The workout

The Mondo reformer pilates workout implements 3 key principles – strength, mobility and functionality. Mondo takes elements of classic pilates mixed with functional fitness techniques. The workout will help you to develop strong yet supple muscles, fostering functionality and mobility rather than isolated strength and bulking up. Even better it is an empirical tool to both manage and prevent common ailments such as back pain, neck pain, frozen joints and stress. You will build an indestructible core and foster better overall body functionality for everyday life, sports and activities.

Meet your trainer

Owen has a long background in the health industry running his own remedial massage practice Touch Point Massage for the last 12 years, whilst teaching reformer pilates in some of the leading Reformer studio’s in Melbourne and Geelong. In his early career as a Remedial therapist he worked with some on Melbourne’s leading Physiotherapists and elite level athletes in which he developed a superior knowledge of anatomy and physiology and an innate understanding of human movement and injury management. 

Owen is a keen and passionate surfer, nature lover and in general very active and self motivated in his every day life.

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Our Philosophy

Exercise should be enjoyable. We stimulate our body and minds to enhance our wellbeing and contribute to living a healthy and balanced life. Finding practices to move our body daily and implement sustainable routines and lifestyle hacks. What works for one may not for another. Pilates is no silver bullet, no form of exercise is. I like to promote diversity in your exercise routines and lean into the things you love rather than the things you think you should do. Let’s keep it all in the realms of fun and spread some motivation and positive energy into the world.

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