Renew – Supporter Membership


How do I renew?

Each year in August, all Supporter Members receive an email with their renewal link. Please check your SPAM inbox if you cannot locate this correspondence.  

Please read our updated Membership Documentation carefully before you renew.

What happens after I renew?

If you renew by 13 September –

Timely renewal due date 13 September
Payment deadline 15 October
Documentation will be sent to Members 31 October
Insurance Continuity Insurance continuity is ensured from 31 October when current policies expire

If you renew after 13 September –

Late renewal due date 11 October
Payment deadline 15 October
Documentation will be sent to Members After 15 November
Insurance Continuity Insurance will lapse from 31 October
Insurance will be reinstated on 15 November

If you are not in a position to renew Membership or Insurance in October, you can re-apply at a later time. Should you decide to reinstate your Membership or Insurance at a later stage, please contact us to request your pre-filled renewal link, rather than starting a new application.

Once renewed, your membership is current until 31 October, and will continue to renew in October of each year.

How long will the renewal take?

Regardless of when you submit your annual renewal, you will receive your documentation in the last week of October.

Something not right?

As we continue to develop our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, we ask you to please let us know if your renewal form does not behave as expected.