Rainbow Excursions

Rainbow Transport

Mobility is an important factor in your independence. Getting around to the places to work, to attend appointments, to socialise and for better quality of life.

If you are unable to get around – perhaps you can’t drive, are sight impaired or use some form of mobility aid – then we can assist by connecting you with transport services.

You just need to be registered with the NDIS, receive an NDIS package with at least one NDIS funded support, and due to your disability, genuinely need facilitated transport.

Depending on your location, a travel assistant may be available who can accompany you on your journey. They may help you navigate to unfamiliar places, get you to school, work or medical appointments, help with your shopping or to join social events.

In some cases participants may be able to drive a car that has been converted to fit their needs, in which case we can arrange modifications to your vehicle or the use of an already converted one.

Contact us today to find out how we can help get you mobile.